Custom Powder Systems

About CPS

CPS seeks to provide the highest quality equipment and services. We are committed to continuous improvement of our comprehensive Quality System, endeavoring to exceed our customers' expectations. This Quality System will be constantly challenged to ensure its continued suitability and effectiveness.

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Recent Projects

The CPS team continues to raise the bar with every project. Here’s a sneak peek at some of our most recent custom creations.

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Upcoming Events and Recent News

Springfield, Missouri, is a Midwest Gem | May 2016

Denise: Springfield is one of those gems in the Midwest that people don't know much about.

Dale: We probably have 35-40 similar fabrication houses in Springfield that do stainless work in fine grinding and fine finishing so it's a haven for this sort … Continue Reading

Our Safety & Wellness Programs | March 2016

DeAnn: We're proud of our safety program. We have a DART rating of a 0.78, which is well below the industry standards for this industry. Our employees, not only is it safety, but it's safety and wellness, so we concentrate on every area of an employe… Continue Reading

Cleaning Systems | February 2016

Bob Luebbe: We don't make an out of the box cleaning system. We try to go in and really make something repeatable and validatable is the term that we use all the time but it really has to be for cleaning, right. You don't want any kind of opportunity… Continue Reading

Integrated Containment Systems helps customers successfully address containment challenges from initial development stages to the final handling of the product.  Putting together the sequential, clean environment necessary for production is our specialty.

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