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CPS seeks to provide the highest quality equipment and services. We are committed to continuous improvement of our comprehensive Quality System, endeavoring to exceed our customers' expectations. This Quality System will be constantly challenged to ensure its continued suitability and effectiveness.

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Recent Projects

The CPS team continues to raise the bar with every project. Here’s a sneak peek at some of our most recent custom creations.

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Upcoming Events and Recent News

Benefits of Working for CPS | October 2015

At Custom Powder Systems we've got a wide range of job needs we need to fill, probably more so than a lot of companies in town. We're going to need welders, fabricators, grinders, people specializing in passivation of products. We've got a heavy need… Continue Reading

Are You A Good Fit for Custom Powder Systems? | September 2015

What I'm looking for as Senior VP of Technology for candidates for employment in the design field is a sincere interest in how machines work. I think that’s the basis for most everybody who's succeeded and done really well here -- a true interest in … Continue Reading

Compact Single Pedestal Blender | September 2015

If you're in the pharmaceutical industry the cost of your floor space is much greater than it would be for some of the other industries we serve. A special interest to you would be our compact single place to blender that takes 25-75% less floor spac… Continue Reading

Integrated Containment Systems helps customers successfully address containment challenges from initial development stages to the final handling of the product.  Putting together the sequential, clean environment necessary for production is our specialty.

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