Custom Powder Systems



Thank you much for
responding to my requests in a timely fashion. This kind of  Customer Service goes a long way.
I have known CPS for a long
time and I have never been let down by CPS. So, I am used to  your Customer Service.
Someone asked me how
I am able to get such fast responses from CPS. My  answer to that person was. THAT'S HOW CPS OPERATES.
Thank you again for such
great service.
...Vinod Shah

Mac, I just want to tell you how much help Dean has been with the problem we are experiencing with our Tote Tumbler.  His quickly sending us the “Panel View Screen Shots” will make it so we can keep running until we get our device repaired.  Our Allen Bradley contact has not mentioned anything about the “Advanced Exchange Repair” program or why the back light is not field repairable. Dean has also helped me with past problems and is always willing to talk me through procedures to correct errors that we run into. Dean is a big reason why we will continue to use CPS on future projects.

Mike Donnelly
Maint. Supervisor
Continental Colloid Inc
Continental Custom Ingredients


Mac, Teva very much appreciates your folks efforts and your on time delivery speaks for itself. As a supplier to Teva, we can vouch for the importance of keeping commitments. Our customers expect it from us as well. Many thanks. Happy Holidays

Steven L. Altomare
Director Project Engineering
Teva Pharmaceuticals USA


I have successfully utilized a let down device between IBCs and tablet presses for the transfer of powders prone to segregation. I believe with the right engineering, these units could be used to transfer from V-blenders into IBC's without issue. The contact in the US for these let down devices is: 

Custom Powder Systems, LLC 
2715 North Airport Commerce 
Springfield Missouri 65803 


All, I just wanted to pass along some complements that I received from one of our customers.  I received a phone call from Yasser Rodriguez at CMC Cometals who needed some technical assistance on their blender.  At the end of our conversation, he told me that he was very pleased with the way their blender has been operating.  He told me that it virtually runs 24 hours a day.  They are running 10 to 14 IBCs through it per shift, 3 shifts per day, Monday through Saturday.  He went on to praise the documentation that we sent with the machine.  He said that among all of the manuals they have for all of their equipment, the CPS manual is their best manual.

Mike Suter
Engineering - Custom Powder Systems


We appreciate your quick response, evaluation, and repair of our bin blender.  We are back in operation and have been able to prevent downstream coating operations downtime with repairs completed so quickly.  Also, thanks to the other crews at Custom Powder supporting the troubleshooting efforts.


I would first like to say that the two young men that came here to work exhibited exemplary conduct while they were here and really stuck to the task over the weekend.  Custom Powder should be glad to have both Joey and Farran (sp!).  Please give them my best. The mixer continues to work properly  and we are lubricating it regularily.  I will let you know if anything unusual develops. Say Hi to Bob L. for me. Thank you,

Michael J. Berner
Process Engineering Manager


It was good to meet with you and the other Custom Powder personnel a couple of weeks ago and to see your fabrication shop and offices.  You have a professional operation and obviously take a lot of pride in the manufacturing of your products and in your ability to develop systems to meet customer needs. Joe and I were able to get a good feel for the capability of the bin lift systems.  We are now comfortable including this option in our discussions to develop an automatic screening and packing system for our powders handling areas.