Custom Powder Systems and Integrated Containment Systems Have An In-House Testing Clean Room

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Clean Room Test Facility

So we have an in-house testing clean room… Right now, you might be thinking, “Good for you. But what does that mean for me?” Good question. A cleanroom ensures a stable, low particulate background to measure down to the lowest threshold of detectability of your products. Whether your product is hazardous to humans, combustible, pyrophoric,

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Custom Powder Systems and Integrated Containment Systems Come Together for Dr. Reddy’s

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Custom Powder and Integrated Containment Systems, we came together as a team and we teamed on the project. We had a customer, which was Dr. Reddys. Obviously we’ve done a lot of projects with them over the years, but they approached us needing a QC Isolator for doing the testing of their powder material. They

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