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Dale: We really wanted to use our skills to build the best company anybody had ever worked in, or us, and the rest of the people we had join us had the same thought process. We want to be the best company, the best place we’ve ever worked. We want it to be here. We believed that if you do that, the numbers will come, and they have.

Denise: Our friend Jack Stack has said, “Put the number on the board, and it’s the relentless pursuit of the number,” and we’ve done that, and the number isn’t huge. It’s profitable, and it’s attainable, and it’s doable. That’s the growth.

Dale: This company has grown from zero to a very sizable company in ten years, and gosh knows where we go next. We are being recognized in the marketplace as one of the players.

Denise: The most, I think, heartwarming for me is having just celebrated our tenth year anniversary, recognizing the seventeen people who are still with us after ten years. There’s a feeling here of family and community and helping each other, and we truly do still say to people, “We intend this to be the best place you’ve ever worked,” and those people who’ve returned have told us that.