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Dale: Relationship can be difficult. They can be easy, they can be fun, they can be … all over the board, but they’re essential.

Denise: We get business from people who’ve done business with us at one company. Now they’ve transferred to another company and they come back to us to buy equipment because the experience was good enough to come buy from us again.

Dale: I think it’s about respect. There’s a level of respect that they get from us and we give to them and they give back to us.

Denise: We have over an 80% retention referral rate with customers because they like to do business with us. We’re fun people to do business with. We’re good people to do business with. We’re straightforward. We’re honest. We don’t leave a job til it’s right. In terms of the relationships that we have with our clients and our employees, it’s why we come to work every day. We build as good a relationship as we build equipment.

Dale: Yes.

Denise: Maybe even better.