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Our new podcast is dedicated to some of the top engineers who share something in common:  They’re all women. Hosted by Denise McIntosh, CEO of Custom Powder Systems, who knows the unique challenges women face in this industry.  You’ll hear from women who have overcome the odds and grown to be some of the most respected in their fields.

Shannon Goodson – Engineering Manager with Meridian Medical Technologies

In this episode, Denise McIntosh talks with Shannon Goodson about her early interest in chemistry and how that lead to working for a pharma company at a young age.  She played a role in the processing and also in the packaging of liquids, powder processing, and blister lines, among other things.  She quickly gained respect in the industry and advanced in her career all while raising a child with Autism.  In this episode, she talks about how her love for curiosity helped her son’s unique challenges.   Shannon not only has a passion for the industry but genuinely loves getting to know other smart and innovative women.

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