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We are proud to give you a sneak preview of The Art of Engineering!

Our new podcast is dedicated to some of the top engineers who share something in common:  They’re all women. Hosted by Denise McIntosh, CEO of Custom Powder Systems, who knows the unique challenges women face in this industry.  You’ll hear from women who have overcome the odds and grown to be some of the most respected in their fields.

We will be adding new episodes regularly, and soon, you’ll be able to subscribe using Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google, or whatever your favorite podcast app may be, but we wanted to go ahead and give you a sneak preview of the first three episodes today.

Episode #1 – Beth Brock

Beth Brock, Corporate Support for Environmental Management Systems, Compliance, and Sustainability for Smithfield Foods in Kansas City.

Beth got into engineering at a time when the industry didn’t have many women. She and Denise McIntosh discuss obstacles women have faced working in manufacturing, how to handle those situations, and advice for young women entering the field.

Episode #2 – Kim Duncan

Kim Duncan, Founder, President, and owner of Duncan Enterprises

Kim’s engineering story began abroad while attending a high school on a ship! She was the only woman engineer in her graduating class, obtaining her degree almost two years sooner than others. Kim shares several stories about her journey navigating chauvinism as an employee, all the way to becoming the founder and president of her own company.

Episode #3 – Stephanie Wilkins

Stephanie Wilkins, co-owner of Pharmaconsult US 

Stephanie was encouraged at a young age to look into subjects like drafting and auto repair.  She quickly picked up knowledge and skills, and soon found herself working in companies surrounded by men. Wilkins discovered working in the corporate world was quite different from learning from her early mentors, but she never once considered being a woman as a limitation. Stephanie, along with host Denise McIntosh, discuss progress that’s been made for women in the engineering and manufacturing industry. 

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Stay tuned…

We’ve already got three more episodes recorded and will be sharing them soon. If you have any ideas for guests or feedback, please contact us here. We hope you enjoy our podcast!